Why Would Someone Choose an Inflatable Butt Plug?

Oh, yeah. That’s actually an excellent question. 

First of all, what even IS an inflatable butt plug? Well, it’s precisely what you think it is — it’s a butt plug that can grow while inside your butthole. 

Now, we know that might seem intimidating, but it’s far from that. If you’re a control freak, this toy is perfect for you because you’re completely in charge of it. The same could be said for any other toy, yes, but this is slightly different.

What we’re talking about here is inflation; the toy won’t grow beyond what you decide, so it’s perfectly safe to try it out. You can start slow and see how you like it, and we can guarantee that you will! 

Inflatable butt plugs are quite versatile, and they can serve in place of an anal training kit or any other butt plug set. We’re sure we don’t need to explain how. 

Overall, would it be too much to say that this toy will inflate the quality of your sex life?

Butt Plugs Have Different Types and Sizes

If you’re new to the whole butt plug ordeal, allow us to introduce you properly. This versatile sex toy is bound to change your sex life for the better. 

Like any other sex toy, this one comes in many different types and sizes as well. They can be small and perfect for beginners or even extra-large too. However, we’re not sure how much anal training you’ll need to get to the extra-large ones, so to each their own. 

Anybody can use butt plugs, and they’re not only reserved for women. Prostate massagers are essentially butt plugs for men. Aside from the ones we’ve mentioned, there are also many other types, such as:


  • Classic butt plugs
  • Anal training kits
  • Vibrating plugs
  • Inflatable and expanding plugs
  • Tail plugs
  • Princess / Jeweled plugs


And the list goes on and on. There’s no doubt that there is a butt plug for just about anyone, no matter what you’re looking for. Today, however, we’re going to talk more about inflatable butt plugs and why they’re suitable for all experience levels. 

They might seem a little intimidating at first, but isn’t that true for anything new? When you came face to face with your first sex toy, you were probably intimidated too. So don’t worry; there’s no reason to be afraid.

Beginners Normally Buy Single Butt Plugs

So if you’re a beginner, you probably won’t go buying plugs in bulk. It all depends on what you want to achieve with your new anal toy. 

Some people purchase sets too. Butt plug sets are available for anyone sure they’ll want to size up. That saves you the hassle of looking for a bigger one when the time comes. However, your first-time butt plug experience should always be with a small toy. Starting small is essential as it ensures you won’t end up injuring yourself. 

A fantastic tip for beginners is using a lot of lube. Although, this should apply to everyone. As you know, your anus doesn’t naturally lubricate itself. That’s why you need to give it a hand before you plug it up. 

Either way, if you’re looking to test your anal boundaries, we recommend you get yourself a set. But if you just want to experiment before you make any other decisions, you’re more than welcome to get yourself a single plug.

Inflatable Butt Plugs Are Flexible and Can Cater to Every Experience Level

Now, let’s talk about inflatable anal plugs. Are they really as incredible as people say they are? Because they seem like an odd toy compared to the rest. 

An inflatable plug does exactly what you think it does. You slip it into your anus, and you use a pump to inflate it. Don’t worry, though; it won’t grow on its own at any point — you’re entirely in control. That way, you can push your boundaries as much or as little as you want. And don’t worry — the pump is extremely reliable. 

But how does that cater to different experience levels? Well, for beginners, you can just insert the plug and leave it there — you don’t need to inflate it if you’re not ready. Again, you control everything. And when you feel like it’s time for something bigger, you can give the pump a little squeeze and work your way up. 

Now, the same could be said for those with more experience. Use the pump any way you see fit and explore your limits. Going beyond what you thought you could handle is always exciting, and inflatable butt plugs will provide you exactly that. 

So let these plugs show you that there’s absolutely nothing to fear.

Inflatable Butt Plugs for BDSM Play

These handy plugs can serve you even if you’re a part of the BDSM community. How? The sky’s the limit, but we can think of some examples.

Inflatable plugs can indeed prep you for anal sex, and boy, do they feel good! If you’re living the dom/sub lifestyle, these plugs can be of help to you. They’re extremely useful for either controlling someone’s orgasms or giving someone else the control of yours.

You decide how much inflation you want and how everything is going to go. However, inflatable plugs can have a whole different use in dom/sub plays. Punishment play is quite popular, so how do you utilize these plugs during it? Simply inflate the plug as much as you want. 

However, this type of play isn’t for the faint of heart as it entails one person being in pain. But if that’s what you’re into, go for it — this toy can help. Just make sure to keep it safe, sane, and consensual.


Inflatable anal plugs are, for sure, a work of art. The versatility of this toy can hardly be matched by any other. 

So to summarize, what are some of the things this toy can do for you? For starters, it can help you with anal training. So whether you’re just trying things out or preparing for anal sex, this toy can be your go-to. It’s also excellent for different kinds of BDSM scenes. 

And if you’re a beginner, there’s no need to fear this toy. It’s incredibly easy and safe to use. It operates like any other butt plug, except you can enlarge it. That way, you don’t need a whole set of butt plugs since you have a plug that can transform. Might as well call it the Optimus Prime of butt plugs. If you have some concerns about it, we’re here to tell you that no, it cannot explode inside of you.  Finally, Loveplugs.co offers many options including butt plug sets, and we highly recommend their products.