Why would someone choose an inflatable butt plug?

Butt plugs are increasingly being discovered by lovers of erotic pleasure. This is mainly due to the wonderful anal stimulation and the possibility for men to spoil the prostate. In this buttplug manual you will find information about the buttplug, help finding the right plug, overview of the possibilities, tips on the use and the best way to maintain your buttplug . Take a moment and get informed about all the options that are available at Sexshop City. At the bottom of this page you will find the butt plugs we recommend for him and her.

Characteristics of a butt plug

The design of a butt plug is very recognizable for many people. The flat bottom with a conical end is the shape of most butt plugs, of course there are other designs. There are butt plugs with ridges, studs and even veins that provide extra stimulation of the anus / prostate. You also have a choice of different materials, such as glasses, metals, rubber and many other plugs to choose from. Take a look around our sex shop and be inspired by the unknown possibilities. Via the search box or the filter on the left-hand side of the page you can directly specify your wishes.

Butt plugs for both men and women

Anal stimulation through a butt plug can be experienced by both men and women. The biggest advantage for men is that the use of this anal sex toy makes it possible to stimulate the prostate . By stimulating the prostate gland, the orgasm will be experienced a lot more intensively and powerfully. Because the plug presses on the prostate gland, an intense feeling will be experienced by men during orgasm. This is one of the reasons why butt plugs are becoming increasingly popular with men. For women, the “normal” stimulation of the anus is enough reason to purchase a butt plug. The advantage of this is that the design of the butt plug is such that it simply stays in place and you experience a wonderful double stimulation during sex.

A number of brands have around 500 different butt plugs available online. In this butt plug manual we have disconnected all categories and discuss the exciting options. Below you will find an overview of the most important categories. Is your desired butt plug not listed? There is a good chance that we will offer what you are looking for. Use the search box at the top of the page to search immediately.

Butt plug sets

A butt plug set is the ideal way to get acquainted with different formats. This is especially recommended for beginners, because you do not yet know exactly how big and thick your butt plug should be. With these sets you will discover in a playful way which size brings you the best feeling. Even if you already have some more experience, these sets might broaden your horizons and introduce you to larger plugs. Loveplugs.co offers many options including butt plug sets, and we highly recommend their products.

Standard butt plugs

The standard butt plug is the simple variant of the butt plug. Do not expect frills, but let yourself be stimulated by a butt plug in its unique form. Here you can choose whether you choose a standard butt plug with ridges, handle or a smooth variant. These plugs are ideal for men and women who want to get acquainted with anal sex.

Glass & metal butt plugs

Do you value a unique experience and would you like to experience something different? The glass butt plugs and metal butt plugs offer this sensation. Both plugs are smooth, easy to use and feel just a little different during penetration than a normal plug. A nice addition is that you can optionally heat or cool these plugs by placing them in the hot or cold water before use.

Vibrating butt plugs

Can a normal butt plug not appeal to you and you are looking for an extra stimulation. Then with our vibrating butt plugs you get the sextoy that meets this requirement. The intense and powerful vibrations in the anus will make every man and woman’s head run wild. Set the vibrations yourself and easily adjust them via a remote control or on the plug itself. Play with the vibrations and discover which position spoils you best. Come vibrating and vibrating to the most intense orgasms.

Prostate butt plug

Stimulating the prostate is a reason for many men to use a butt plug. Just like prostate toys , the prostate butt plugs are specially developed to stimulate and pamper the prostate. This results during sex or while masturbating for an extra spicy sensation. You will also quickly notice that your orgasm will also be experienced more intensively.

Inflatable butt plug

The inflatable butt plugs have the great advantage that you decide how large your plug should be. Insert the plug and inflate it to the desired size / thickness via the pump. Make sure you insert the inflatable butt plug in normal size and only inflate it when it is placed in the anus. Play with the different sizes and discover which size feels best.

XXL butt plug

Can’t it all be big enough and would you like to be pampered deeply and deeply? XXL butt plugs are not nauseous toys. Especially for beginners, we do not recommend starting with these plugs for the first time. If you already have a little more experience and the mini butt plugs can no longer appeal to you, these large butt plugs can be the solution for your hunger for anal pleasure. Take a look around and be inspired by our options.

Which butt plug should I choose?

Finding the right butt plug is of course very dependent on your wishes, what you want to use the plug for and whether you want to use the plug solo or with your partner. The material and design also play a role for many people in choosing a butt plug. If necessary, communicate with each other’s wishes or consider for yourself what you expect from the butt plug. This makes the search a lot easier and you can immediately start searching in the right category. As you could just read there are many options in the field of butt plugs. The filter on the left side of the page makes it possible to select plugs directly based on your wishes. By reading this manual you get a good impression of the possibilities. Which butt plug do you choose?

How do I use a butt plug?

When using a butt plug it is recommended that you are completely relaxed, that you cannot be disturbed and that you assume a comfortable position. Tip in terms of position is lying with your legs spread and a pillow under your buttocks. An anal shower or washing the anus is a good way to get in the mood and has the advantage that you do not have to worry about hygiene during use. The use of an anal lubricant is also recommended, this may well be a large amount to facilitate penetration. The first time it will be a journey of discovery, always insert the butt plug a little further until you reach your limit. The butt plug should be stuck and therefore not move during sex or other stimulation. Of course you can play with the removal and re-insertion of the butt plug. It is just what you like.