When Can You Tell If You’re Doing Too Much Finger Painting?

We all masturbate. Both men and women are guilty of the act of pleasing themselves for any reason. Most of the time, we don’t need a reason at all.

Masturbation is healthy and can help us overcome many issues regarding our sexuality. It’s not limited to the use of hands either. You can include any sex toy you like. This is how you explore your erogenous zones and figure out what you like.

However, how often should you do it? Maybe twice a week is good enough? The frequency depends on your personal preference, but what matters most is not overdoing it. Playing with yourself can have nasty side effects for men and women alike.

Women need to be extra careful. Never forget to use lube, no matter how many waterfalls you feel your vagina can produce. There’s nothing worse than injuring your lady friend.

Why Do Women Masturbate?

Sometimes, there’s a lot of stigma surrounding female masturbation. However, women do it. In fact, over 70 percent of women masturbate. They all have a good reason for it too.

Women masturbate for the same reasons men do. Well — for similar reasons. One of them includes relieving stress. Hell, some women just want to feel good sexually, and that’s perfectly fine too.

Masturbation is a way for single women to stay sexually satisfied too. Masturbation methods are infinite. Some include toys, and others don’t. However, all of them involve exploring your body. It’s all about finding out what works best for you. Who doesn’t like a good orgasm? Masturbation is how you ensure it happens every time.

Masturbation is an excellent distraction from all the worries of our daily lives, and it has many health benefits. So what’s there not to love about it?

The Good Effects of Masturbation on Women

Masturbation is a normal and beneficial practice. As such, it has a lot of health benefits. It affects both our sexual and mental health in a great way. However, that’s not all it does.

While you’re masturbating, you’re devoting some time to yourself only. This way, you make yourself your main priority, and it’s always good to put ourselves first. That said, masturbating can help you figure out what you like or dislike. There’s nobody to please but yourself, so you can take all the time in the world.

One thing all women hate is period cramps. They can be so bad that some women pass out from the pain. Thankfully, there’s a fun solution to that — masturbation! That’s right — the practice of playing with yourself can alleviate all the pressure you might be feeling because your uterus is being a jerk.

Besides the above mentioned, reaching orgasm through masturbating can give you a good night’s sleep as well.

When Is It Too Much?

Unfortunately, there’s such a thing as too much masturbation. That’s right — too much masturbation can be bad. If you think you’re doing it too much, you might be entirely alright. Still, let’s not jump the gun and actually find out when it is too much.

Believe it or not, it’s all too easy to let the need for masturbation dominate in your life. If you find yourself using masturbation as an escape from your daily life — you might have a problem. If you feel the urge to please yourself is overtaking your life, it might be wise to consult a psychotherapist.

There are other telltale signs. Masturbation can ruin your romantic and social life as well. You’ll find yourself too busy and distracted to spend time with your friends and family. Too busy pleasing yourself of course. When it comes to romantic relationships, you might want to avoid being intimate with your partner altogether — all because you prefer masturbation instead. We’re sure we don’t have to tell you the result of that kind of behavior.

Emotional disconnection is a real thing, but so is living in your head. Sometimes our fantasies can become all too real and take us far away from the real world. All of those are signs that you’ve taken masturbation to a whole new — and not so good — level.

Always seek professional help when you feel like you need it. There’s no need to feel embarrassed about it because you’re definitely not alone in it.

Handle With Care

There are more negative effects of too much masturbation you may experience. This time, we’ll talk about actual physical injuries that can occur when you’re having too much fun.

One of the first things that can occur is insensitivity. This can happen to both your clitoris and vagina, which in turn causes you to hurt yourself. How so? You don’t feel things as well as before, so you feel the need to apply more pressure or penetrate yourself more aggressively.

Things like dryness, pain, and rawness are all too possible and real when you get too carried away. No amount of lube will fix this type of problem because you weren’t using enough to begin with. That’s the usual mistake people make when playing with toys. Never forget the most important rule — always use lube.

This kind of overdoing can make you easily irritable too.

Final Word

Masturbation is all fun and games — until it isn’t. It’s all too easy to go overboard, especially because what you’re doing is fun. You don’t see its negative effects right away. That’s where a lot of people make a grave mistake of overdoing it.

Of course, nobody is saying you shouldn’t masturbate at all. It’s a healthy part of human sexuality. However, excessive masturbation can become a problem. Consider it a toxic partner — it drags you away from your loved ones and tries to control your life.

Give yourself a pause from time to time. It’s good to have fun, but it’s more important to stay healthy. That’s something you can achieve only through moderation. If you find yourself elbows deep in this pesky issue, always ask for medical advice. That’s the only way to get better.