What Is a Squirting Orgasm?

Squirting is a legit sexual occurrence, and many people with vaginas enjoy it. But what is a squirting orgasm, and why do people know so little about it? Is it possible to learn to squirt? Let’s find out!

What Is a Squirting Orgasm?

Squirting refers to the expulsion of liquid from the vagina. People with vaginas can squirt exclusively during the big O, and this is known as a squirting orgasm. Yet, it doesn’t happen with every orgasm. Additionally, some people can experience squirting before a climax. While scientific research on this topic is sparse, some studies show that the fluid is made up of skene’s gland secretions (i.e., the female prostate). It also contains traces of watered-down urine.

As mentioned, people with vaginas can squirt before or during an orgasm. It mainly occurs through intense G-spot or clitoral stimulation. It can involve rapid ejections or a single streak of fluid. Even though scientists have not yet come to a definitive conclusion regarding squirting, it’s a fiery topic of discussion related to sexual health and female orgasms.

What Is the Difference Between a Squirting Orgasm, Female Ejaculation, and Sexual Incontinence?

While we use the term “squirting” to refer to all types of liquid expulsions from the vagina during sex, there is a difference between squirting orgasms, female ejaculation, and sexual incontinence. With all three types, fluid is expelled from the bladder.

First, squirting happens during an orgasm. It involves the expulsion or discharge of a urine-like substance. It often produces high volumes of fluid. Second, female ejaculation also releases watered-down urine, but it expels another liquid from the skene’s glands. Usually, it includes the release of milky white fluid that drips from the vagina but doesn’t burst out. Moreover, some women can ejaculate and squirt simultaneously. Finally, sexual or coital incontinence occurs when someone’s bladder involuntarily expels urine during orgasms or sex. This is not a response to stimulation or orgasms, and it is a medical condition.

Myths About Squirting Orgasms

Unfortunately, squirting is still regarded as a phenomenon. This can be sexually limiting or even offensive to many women and people with vaginas. It has been surrounded by many myths over the years. Those myths were mainly perpetrated by porn or inconclusive scientific studies.

What’s more, most people still don’t know what really happens during squirting because it’s not a part of everyday sex talks or sexual education. Scientists mainly focus on finding a link between squirting and pee, which is why some people who squirt could feel ashamed or embarrassed. Plus, the act is often fetishized and portrayed as “shameful” or “slutty” in porn, which further recognizes it as unnatural.

Myth: Squirting Is Fake

Perhaps the biggest myth states that squirting is a fake stunt shown in porn where people with vaginas urinate on purpose while faking their orgasms. However, squirting is a real-life occurrence, and many people can experience it.

Even though science still needs to determine the exact causes, squirting and female ejaculation have been documented, and they are certainly not fake. Squirting varies on an individual basis, and that’s why it’s a tricky subject for scientific analysis. Some people can’t do it at all because they do not possess the skene’s glands. For others, those glands could be inactive, whereas they can also be highly active and produce vast amounts of fluid during orgasms.

Myth: Everyone Can Squirt If They Try the Same Method

If you research squirting, you’ll encounter tons of video tutorials and articles claiming that anyone with a vagina can do it. However, note that everyone experiences squirting differently. Some stimulation methods can work better than others, and they could increase the intensity of orgasms while producing more fluid.

Still, it’s impossible to use one method that works for everyone. Simply put, vaginas are different from person to person. The popular “come hither” fingering motion that stimulates the G-spot will make everyone squirt.

Myth: Squirting Orgasms Are Always High Volume

Most porn videos show women squirting in high volumes that soak entire bed sheets and completely immerse the performers in the ejaculate. However, as stated, squirting and female ejaculation produce different volumes of liquid.

Sometimes, women can feel short streams or even a small trickle. Whether they notice small drizzles or large pulses, it’s natural to expel squirting fluid at different volumes during stimulation and sex.

Myth: Squirting or Ejaculation Only Happens During Orgasm

It’s entirely possible to ejaculate or squirt during, before, and after climax. Since people with vaginas respond to it differently, it’s highly unlikely for most to expel a large volume of fluid after a strong orgasm. It can occur during light or intense stimulation. Plus, some people can even experience short bursts that are spread out over time. As mentioned, with female ejaculation, the fluid can slowly drip down during the entire duration of sex.

How to Explore Squirting

While we can’t instruct you to find the magic button and push it until you start to gush, we can offer some tips on exploring it on your own or during sex with a partner. Most sex educators believe that it’s possible to experience female ejaculation or squirting if you stimulate the G-spot. For beginners, it’s best to do this with fingers, a sex toy, or even a blend of the two.

Firstly, you need to get incredibly horny before any G-spot stimulation. When you’re ready, you can try to put pressure on the upper wall of the vagina and the G-spot. Use your fingertips or a G-spot vibrator. For many people, this type of stimulation produces the urge to urinate. When you feel this urge, try to push down on your pelvic muscles right before an orgasm. The trick here is to feel relaxed, open-minded, and turned on. The need to pee is actually good here because it signals that your urethra is ready to expel ejaculate. You can also experiment with other things that feel good, like clitoral or anal stimulation.


As evident, squirting is still a relatively unknown sexual activity. However, it’s definitely real, and many people can learn it. So try some of our tips today and good luck! Also, don’t forget to use a towel!