What Having a Male Orgasm Feels Like

It’s no secret that an orgasm is that sweet cherry on top of your sex cake. However, those that men experience differ quite a bit from those of women. There’s no doubt that both are important for your sexual health, but how does it feel for your man to spill his load? Our article aims to describe the whole thing and help you improve your skills in bed, so you can give him an ejaculation he’ll never forget.

Orgasms Are Amazing

Although female orgasms are fewer than male ones, they are arguably more satisfying. But how come? Well, it’s safe to say they last at least a few seconds more, which makes them somewhat more powerful than male ones. However, many people think that to reach a female orgasm, you have to penetrate fanatically, which is not true.

Firstly, female orgasm can come from three main types of stimulation. There’s vaginal, clitoral, and the somewhat unknown cervical kind. All three are different, but they all feel good in their way. A girl can also reach a climax by combining the mentioned types of stimulation.

Unfortunately, not every woman can orgasm from penetration. It’s a common misconception that makes couples wonder why their sex isn’t as good as what they see in porn. However, if you can reach it, it’s guaranteed to blow your mind with strong and intense buzzing from head to toes.

On the other hand, a clitoral orgasm is certain for every girl who tries to stimulate the clit. You can do it with your palm, fingers, or with the use of some sex toys like bullet or rabbit vibrators. However, if you want to try and reach the cervical orgasm, you might need to go a bit deeper than what you’re used to.

The thing is, the cervix is the lower end of your uterus. If your lover isn’t hung like a horse, you might need help from some rather long toy. If you do reach it, you’ll surely feel like it’s the Fourth of July with all the fireworks exploding all over your body. Nevertheless, let’s see what actually occurs in our brains while coming, shall we?

What Orgasm Looks Like in the Brain?

It might sound strange, but male and female brains react quite similarly while experiencing a climax. Both are arguably in altered states, almost like on a drug high. By the time you reach it, around 30 different brain systems activate.

From the limbic (memory and emotions) to the prefrontal cortex (judgment and problem-solving), all sorts of seemingly unrelated parts go bonkers. PET scans show that no matter your gender, the same areas in your brain will become active. Therefore, the differences between male and female orgasms lay somewhere else.

Male Orgasm Explained

Most people think that male ejaculation and orgasm are fairly simple processes. Still, the reality is that a lot is going on in the body. From the testosterone level that controls the sexual desire to the type of stimulation one goes for, the feeling of the male orgasm can differ quite a bit. Therefore, we suggest taking a closer look at how the whole thing plays out.

The key to everything is testosterone. It’s a hormone that testicles supply alongside sperm that comes out of the urethra once ejaculation occurs. Testosterone is what keeps our sexual drive (libido) intact. When a man suffers from low levels of it, it might be impossible for him to reach even the mildest of orgasms. This unfortunate situation can occur due to numerous factors, one of them being depression.

Step by Step

The first part of a male orgasm is arousal. Once the brain perceives something or someone attractive to the individual, it sends out signals to the penis. Then, the arteries fill the tissue inside the male sexual organ, with blood pressure racing high. Muscle contractions begin to tighten up and make the penis stand up in all its glory.

Next up, there’s the plateau phase. This part can last from a mere 30 seconds to almost two minutes. During this period, the muscles contract even more, making involuntary movements inside the pelvis. The heart rate goes up, and a pre-ejaculatory fluid begins to come out of the urethra.

Finally, the orgasm can begin. It occurs in two phases — emission and ejaculation. The first one consists of semen building up near the top of the urethra, marking the point of no return for the man. Once that happens, the guy spills his load in a couple of short bursts. While this is happening, the body makes a few involuntary moves while it sends signals to the brain.

The resolution comes right after and is manifested with the man feeling relaxed and drowsy, but his erection begins to fade. Unlike women, men can’t achieve multiple orgasms immediately, one after another. They must go through a recovery phase, which varies from person to person, mainly based on their age and physical condition.

Tips for Ladies

One of the most common problems lots of couples have is the amount of time it takes a man to reach an orgasm. We know it as premature ejaculation. Some folks just can’t keep it in, spilling their load in a matter of seconds. However, there are ways you can help your partner and prolong your sexual intercourse.

To delay ejaculation, the two of you must know each other well. This means that once your partner begins to show signs of coming close, you immediately stop stimulating him. The more you practice like this, the more he’ll be able to hold his load. However, if you’re looking to also make his orgasm feel otherworldly, we have some advice for you.

Just like girls, guys have a spot that makes every climax more enjoyable. Of course, we’re talking about the prostate gland. However, to stimulate it, you’ll need to penetrate his anus with some sex toy. Stimulating the prostate, he’ll achieve a more powerful orgasm that will blow his mind.