Things We Learned About Female Orgasm

Doesn’t an orgasm feel good? Unfortunately, not everyone can answer that question. There are many things we know about female orgasms. However, we come to you with a short list. Take a deep dive and find out the things we should all know about female orgasm.

The Brain Turns Off

You did read that correctly. So if you have ever felt like your mind went blank during sex or orgasm, that’s probably because it did. However, it’s not like you completely lose consciousness while all of this is happening. You are completely aware of all that’s going on, but some things you do involuntarily.

That explanation was vague, so let’s elaborate. One part of your brain goes on vacation and leaves you entirely helpless. This part of the brain does this so that you can completely let go and enjoy yourself. Seriously! Since it’s in charge of things like emotions, fear, and impulses, it’s useful that it’s not active while you’re trying to relax and get it off.

Is this a good or a bad thing though? Well, it can seem scary that a part of your brain switches off. It sounds like you don’t have any control over yourself. So in that sense — especially if you overthink it — it can make you stress out.

Other than that, not only is it perfectly normal, but it’s good for you as well. This only means that an essential part of having an orgasm is letting go completely. That means you have to have a partner you trust. Sure, you can reach orgasms without one as well. Either way, you know what we mean.

Being tense and stressed prevents you from reaching orgasms or even enjoying yourself completely. That’s why your brain switches off — so that you can have peace of mind.

Not All Women Can Have Orgasms

Sadly, not all women can have orgasms. Knowing this can bring comfort to many because they know they’re not alone, especially when everyone starts talking about how good orgasms feel. There’s no need to feel like there’s something wrong with you either. Here’s why.

Many things can be the cause of this problem, starting from trauma, mental disorders, certain medication, being understimulated, etc. Being unable to reach orgasms makes women feel, well, bad. We’re hoping that knowing it isn’t your fault will change that.

However, at times, it can be your fault. Having difficulties reaching orgasms can be caused by worrying about your own performance. Luckily, men usually don’t expect much from women. But when they do, you want to show off and do your job well. Overthinking it can cause only one of you to reach an orgasm, and that won’t be you. Luckily, there are things you can do to change this.

If you think the problem is coming from within, it’s time to start working on yourself. Find what’s causing the mental block and put some effort into resolving it. If you don’t seem to be successful, you can always visit a therapist.

Also, pelvic floor exercises should be your new best friend. Now only will you be strengthening your muscles, but you’ll also ensure that reaching orgasms is no longer an issue you face.

Sex Toys Can Help

Oh, here comes our favorite topic — sex toys! The sex toys craze doesn’t exist for no reason. There are so many different things you can try, and they are perfect if you’re trying to experience your big O. Let’s face it — sometimes, your partner won’t stimulate you enough, and that’s perfectly fine. Sex toys can help.

These handy toys help you get to know yourself better. Some women feel insecure about exploring their bodies with their hands. Thankfully, there are a plethora of toys to choose from. However, can they also help you when you’re struggling to reach an orgasm? Of course!

Not every woman finds the same things pleasurable. Some experience orgasms from penetration, some from clitoral stimulation. Besides, there are plenty of types of orgasms, but we’ll touch more on that later. To find what works for you, you must explore.

The best kind of sex toy for this is probably a bullet vibrator. They’re compact and will do a great job of stimulating whatever spot you need them to. You can even slip them into your vagina if you feel like it might help. Trust us when we say that they will definitely leave you wanting more.

And the best thing of all? If this fails, you can always simply move on to the next sex toy you think you’ll enjoy. Your options are endless!

The G Spot Is Real

Now, the existence of the female G-spot seems to be quite the controversy these days. People really go as far as to deny its existence. That’s kind of strange, especially considering how many orgasms this sweet spot can produce. Either way, there’s much more to this story.

The G-spot technically didn’t exist until the 20th century. How interesting! A German gynecologist, Ernst Gräfenberg, coined this term once he found that women have a certain spot that’s more sensitive than others. Stimulating this spot will produce mind-blowing orgasms. However, not all women find this pleasurable spot or have it to begin with!

We all have different bodies. This can cause a lot of frustration because some women look for their G-spot and end up finding nothing. This spot can be felt along the anterior vaginal wall, about one inch inside. Feeling for it works best if you use your fingers with the “come hither” motion. If you don’t find it, don’t fret. Vaginal orgasms aren’t for everyone.

There are multiple types of orgasms for you to explore, and we’re going to tell you all about them. Trust that you will find the one that works for you.

There Are Multiple Types of Orgasm

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for. If vaginal orgasm doesn’t work for you, that’s no reason to become frustrated. There are other ways for you to achieve pure sexual bliss.

Clitoral and cervical orgasms also exist. You can also orgasm by stimulating your other erogenous zones — yes, even your anus. With that in mind, this is definitely a good thing! Why? Well, if you can’t find pleasure in one thing, you will definitely find it in another. Your options are numerous. You just need to know how to take advantage of them.


Female orgasms are phenomenal! There are so many types for you to experience as well as many ways in which you can induce them. You definitely shouldn’t miss out on trying them all out. If one type of vaginal stimulation doesn’t work for you — don’t worry. You can simply move onto the next one.