More Surprising Myths About Female Masturbation

It’s astonishing how NASA has obtained rocks from the Moon and peered into the vast reaches of space. Even though we’ve learned so much about outer space, female sexuality is still seen as mysterious. With this mentality, misconceptions and false ideas can easily spread, so let’s check some of the popular myths about female masturbation that are prevalent today.

Why Do Women Even Masturbate?

I mean… Have you tried it?! It tends to be quite enjoyable, and the level of pleasure ranges from “it was a fun three minutes” to “earth-shattering fireworks of ecstasy.” Of course, if you are in a dry period, or you’re not an avid practitioner in general, that’s perfectly fine. Still, most women do it for the same reasons men do, and that is primarily because it’s pleasurable.

Though masturbation can also be a couples’ or group activity, women usually do it when they want to have some quality alone time. When you are alone and decide to rub one out, you are doing it for your own personal pleasure. You are dedicating your time to yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or single or if you’ve had sex two hours prior — masturbation is healthy and fun.

This means that whatever inspires you to have some solo-play is a perfectly appropriate motivation. You are bored — why not masturbate? You’re stressed — why not masturbate? Feeling blue, having a headache? Why not pleasure yourself a bit? All of these reasons are perfectly valid, and I bet you can think of 50 others.

The Myths and Why They Even Persist

Nowadays, we have large communities of people sharing their experiences with the world, and we can read scientific articles easily online, remember that it wasn’t always like that. For thousands of years, philosophers and “experts” thought of bonkers ideas, and people immediately accepted them.

Did you know that the word hysteria means uterus in Ancient Greek? Basically, they believed that erratic behavior in women was caused by the uterus moving around their bodies. Have you heard of J. Mortimer Granville? He was the guy who invented the vibrator, but not for pleasure — it was supposed to cure women of hysteria.

Also, let’s not forget the father of modern psychology, Freud, who was expressly against clitoral orgasms. This was just a tip of the iceberg of the whole mumbo-jumbo on female sexuality that he wrote and everyone accepted.

These examples prove that there is a long history of “experts,” usually men, dictating the rules of the game when it comes to female sexuality. This historical background is one of the main reasons why it is such a taboo, and taboos are a breeding ground for misinformation. Women should speak up about their sexuality. If society hears more about it first-hand, we can clear away some of the misconceptions.

Five Prevalent Female Masturbation Myths

You can accidentally lose your virginity while masturbating. This is not true. Hymen, aka vaginal corona, is highly stretchable. Popping your cherry is a social concept rather than an actual physical transformation.

You are sluty if you masturbate. First of all, calling someone slutty for enjoying sex is so 1950s. Secondly, having sexual urges and a desire for orgasm is perfectly normal. No one should be shamed for sleeping with whomever they like, let alone for solo play.

Masturbation kills your sex drive and sex life. Masturbation helps you discover your own body and what you like and dislike. It can actually improve your sex life.

Girls masturbate less often than guys. Not true. Male masturbation is simply more socially acceptable. Furthermore, guys talk about it more openly. So why not have a chat with your girlfriends?

Girls don’t watch porn. Again, wrong. They do watch porn. What’s more, women tend to enjoy kinky fantasies as much as men do.

Why Women Should Not Believe These Myths

The majority of myths surrounding sex and masturbation exist to control female sexuality. However, don’t let anyone dictate your sexuality but yourself. You are the boss of what rocks your boat and what you feel comfortable doing. Nothing’s off the table as long as it is consensual.

Women are generally victims of the false dichotomy of Madonna vs. Whore. You are either a pure, asexual virgin-mother or an unclean harlot who needs to be slut-shamed. Don’t fall for this ridiculous notion. You are a sexual being, and you should feel amazing about it.

Discover your body, masturbate, and find what makes your heart sing. You are the master of your body and pleasure and don’t let anyone else dictate what you can do with them. Whether you decide to finger paint or bring some toys in the mix, relax and have fun.