Different Types of Female Orgasm

Dealing with orgasms can be bothersome at times. Who has the time to go looking for their G-spot every time they just want to get off? Well, lucky you because we’re here to tell you about different types of orgasms. Yes, they aren’t all about your vagina. 

If you have a favorite erogenous zone — like your nipples or anus — the chances are that you’ll be able to orgasm from stimulating it. So, let’s talk about orgasms. 

Clitoral Orgasm

Starting with a bang, let’s talk about clitoral orgasms. They’re definitely one of the few favorites. In fact, these orgasms are probably the easiest to achieve. Still, you can’t just simply rub your clit until it falls off. You need to approach it in a different way.

Since we’re all different, different things will work for us. The easiest way to stimulate your clitoris is with your fingers. However, if you want to be really fancy, you can use sex toys. These orgasms might not be overwhelming, but don’t let that fool you because they’ll definitely leave you breathless. 

Vaginal Orgasm

When people talk about orgasms, these are probably the ones they’re referencing. Even though there are numerous types of orgasms, women seem to be stuck on the vaginal one the most. Why is that the case? Well, it might be because they will oh so good. 

Vaginal stimulation is easy, but there’s a trick to it as well. Your vagina isn’t just a tube you shove things into. You need to be smart in how you play with it. Of course, exploring and finding what works for you is your best bet. Either way, get ready for mind-blowing orgasms. 

Nipple Orgasm

If you felt like an outcast because “regular” orgasms don’t work on you, you are in for a treat. People have been raving about nipple orgasms for quite some time. So, if ordinary ways of achieving orgasms are out of the picture, you can always try nipple orgasms. 

How are they even possible? It’s all thanks to nerve endings, making them a fun erogenous zone to explore. When it comes to stimulation, all you need are your hands or a nice vibrator. You can even employ your partner and let them do all the work. These orgasms are powerful and will crash into you in waves.

G-Spot Orgasm

Well, if this isn’t a crowd favorite, we don’t know what is. Achieving G-spot orgasms is probably the pinnacle of all orgasms. Some say this mysterious spot is a myth, but that’s only because finding it takes some trial and error. 

Once you find it, though, it’s like you’ve unlocked a whole new world. Now we know what Jasmine was singing about. Finding your special spot with your fingers is the easiest. However, when you master stimulating it, you’ll experience orgasms like never before. You won’t be able to get enough of them once you’ve given them a taste.

Cervical Orgasm

If this doesn’t sound safe, don’t worry, it totally is. Well, when you’re in the right hands. Flying solo the first time you want to experience this type of orgasm is your best bet. Nothing is going to be penetrating your cervix, but you will be putting pressure on it. That’s why you should see where your limits are and act accordingly. 

Diving deep into your vaginal canal will bring you very strong orgasms that can last for quite some time. If this sounds like something that would interest you, do give it a try. A long dildo will do the job.

Anal Orgasm

Ah, we reach the taboo topic. People are usually afraid of talking about anything anal. So, you can imagine how many of them experience this kind of orgasm (hint: not very many!). Either way, your anus shouldn’t be overlooked when exploring your erogenous zones. It’s full of nerve endings, and you know that brings loads of fun. 

Anal play should always be safely done and involve a lot of lube and patience. They can be similar to clitoral orgasms or even come in pulsating waves. To have this kind of orgasm, you don’t really need penetration. Find whatever kind of stimulation works for you.

Throat Orgasm

We know that this part of your body probably isn’t what you were expecting to find here. However, throat orgasms are very real. They work exactly how you would imagine them to — by stimulating the back of your throat. Have you ever felt that orgasmic feeling when you were deep-throating? That’s exactly what it is!

Still, this type of orgasm might not be so pleasant. It can make you gag, fluids are involved, and even a strong need to make sounds. It doesn’t sound so pretty, we know. However, don’t overlook this type of orgasm just because it’s an inconvenience. We’ve been told they feel divine. 

Pee Orgasm

Continuing down the path of unusual orgasms, we reach the “peegasm.” If you’ve ever experienced orgasms like these, you’ll know that they are fun and feel good. However, there are multiple ways to have them. What’s this all about, though? Having a full bladder will press on your sexy spots, causing you to have an orgasm. Still, doctors don’t recommend holding your pee for this reason alone. 

To experience this orgasm, go solo or ask your partner to join you on this potentially messy ride. You don’t have to pee during sex, but you can definitely run to the bathroom afterward. If anything, you’ll be able to say you gave it a try.


There are multiple types of orgasms, and we want you to try them all. Yes, all of them! Women are often discouraged because vaginal or clitoral orgasms simply don’t work for them. Still, there are plenty of other erogenous zones to explore. We’ll even tell you how to reach the orgasms we mention. So, don’t worry. You’re definitely in good hands.

Once you find what works for you, you’ll be able to have fun in the sheets like never before.