What is Objectification?

BDSM is a fetish that generates many controversies. In fact, we can’t think of any other perversion that has such a negative reputation. Of course, this all comes down to stereotypes and poor mainstream portrayal. If you think about it, most media sources treat bondage and its BDSM counterparts as something only freaks, weirdos, and baddies practice. But that’s simply not true, and it’s about time we redefine our views on it.


BDSM in itself is an easy target for self-righteous groups who enjoy criticizing it. That is due to various acts its fetishists participate in. One such act is objectification, which is a derogatory term. Why? Because BDSM fetishists indulge in it consensually, which is what makes it more than okay. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Allow us to, instead, explore this fetish in more detail in the following text.

The Ins and Outs of

What Is a Squirting Orgasm?

Squirting is a legit sexual occurrence, and many people with vaginas enjoy it. But what is a squirting orgasm, and why do people know so little about it? Is it possible to learn to squirt? Let’s find out!

What Is a Squirting Orgasm?

Squirting refers to the expulsion of liquid from the vagina. People with vaginas can squirt exclusively during the big O, and this is known as a squirting orgasm. Yet, it doesn’t happen with every orgasm. Additionally, some people can experience squirting before a climax. While scientific research on this topic is sparse, some studies show that the fluid is made up of skene’s gland secretions (i.e., the female prostate). It also contains traces of watered-down urine.

As mentioned, people with vaginas can squirt before or during an orgasm. It mainly occurs through intense G-spot or clitoral stimulation. It can involve rapid ejections or a single streak

Multiple Orgasms: Explained

We all know that orgasms feel incredible, but what is even better is having more than one. Here, we will take a closer look at multiple orgasms, what they mean, and how to achieve them.

Multiple Orgasm Definition

You might have heard that some women are able to achieve multiple orgasms. But what does this mean? Experiencing multiple orgasms means that a person will have two or more orgasms in a short period of time. The time between each climax is quite short, and some women are able to have them back-to-back, with just a couple of seconds between them.

Most commonly, the term is used to describe more than one climax in a single session. Of course, this isn’t something anyone can do easily. For some, reaching orgasm can be quite challenging, and each person is different. If you have trouble achieving orgasms, there is nothing to be

Reaching the Big-O at the Same Time

Have you ever considered doing orgasm training? We heard stories about couples climaxing at the same time, and for many, this is just fiction, something found in lame erotic novels. However, the truth is a bit different. Having an orgasm at the same time as your partner is quite possible, and you can achieve it with just a bit of practice.

Notice Both of Your Patterns

One of the first things you need to do is notice patterns in your and your partner’s behavior. Each person is different, and everyone shows pleasure in a unique manner. The first step towards having a simultaneous orgasm is to know your partner and how their body works. This way, you can adjust to it and time your orgasms carefully.

However, this also means that you should pay attention to who tends to reach the finishing line first. Is it you or your

How to Orgasm More Easily During Sex

Have you ever experienced problems reaching orgasm? If the answer is yes, the first thing you need to know is that you’re not alone. This problem is not unsolvable. There are a few tricks you can use to improve the situation and experience more pleasure during sex.

Common Issues

There are a few reasons why someone might have trouble orgasming during sex. Let’s talk about the most common issues that might happen. Firstly, many people forget how important lubrication is. However, you can’t use any type of lubricant, and inadequate ones can cause problems with orgasms.

Naturally, it is always a problem when a person is insensitive and doesn’t take the time or try enough to ensure their partner is having fun. Furthermore, we should also mention that sometimes, the problem can be having a bad partner. Now, this doesn’t always have to be true, but it is often

Orgasms Can Literally Take The Pain Away

Managing pain can really be… a pain. However, there are things you can do to help yourself. No, we’re not talking about taking different kinds of medicine. It’s not about essential oils, either. It’s about pleasure — sexual pleasure. Wouldn’t you agree that orgasms leave you feeling great better than anything else? Oh, yeah. They will serve as incredible pain relief. 

Maybe you didn’t pay much attention to it before, but next time you orgasm, closely inspect how you feel. Do you know that orgasms can relieve cramp pain? Well, they can do so much more than that. Let’s find out.

The Female Orgasm

Do you know that wonderful feeling of intense warmth spreading all over your body? Ah, orgasms. You just have to love them. Well, they keep you wanting more, so it’s a given that you’ll love them. However, once upon a time, female orgasms presented a real

Anal Orgasms Are Real — Here’s How to Have One

Are you into anal sex? Have you ever thought about erogenous zones and whether anal orgasm is possible? Here, we will go through everything you need to know about anal stimulation, orgasms, and how to reach one with ease. Naturally, it might take you a bit of practice before you experience it, but you will undoubtedly enjoy the journey.

What an Anal Orgasm Is, Exactly

Let’s talk about facts. Many people don’t know what anal orgasm is or whether it is possible at all. Anal orgasm is an orgasm reached through anal penetration and stimulation of nerve spots around the anus. However, the reason why anal orgasm is even possible is due to the shape of the clitoris.

It’s shaped like a wishbone, and there are a lot of nerves around the anterior wall of the rectum leading to the vagina. During anal stimulation, it is still possible to provide

When Can You Tell If You’re Doing Too Much Finger Painting?

We all masturbate. Both men and women are guilty of the act of pleasing themselves for any reason. Most of the time, we don’t need a reason at all.

Masturbation is healthy and can help us overcome many issues regarding our sexuality. It’s not limited to the use of hands either. You can include any sex toy you like. This is how you explore your erogenous zones and figure out what you like.

However, how often should you do it? Maybe twice a week is good enough? The frequency depends on your personal preference, but what matters most is not overdoing it. Playing with yourself can have nasty side effects for men and women alike.

Women need to be extra careful. Never forget to use lube, no matter how many waterfalls you feel your vagina can produce. There’s nothing worse than injuring your lady friend.

Why Do Women Masturbate?

Sometimes, …

Why Women Fake Orgasms With Their Partner

Are you one of many women that have never experienced an orgasm? Don’t worry — you’re definitely not alone in that. In fact, you can even blame biology for your lack of orgasmic experiences. How so? Well, we’re not all equally biologically programmed.

A vaginal orgasm might be easy to achieve for many women, but what if it isn’t? How do you let your partner know that you apparently cannot orgasm? Do you even tell them at all?

When it comes to questions like that, many women run to a single solution that has been proven effective since time immemorial — faking it! Faking an orgasm is something we’ve all done at least once. Maybe you’re having sex with someone new, and you don’t want to make them feel bad. Perhaps they’ve asked if you’ve orgasmed, and you’ve said yes because they clearly have no idea either way.

These white …

How Masturbating Can Help Women Achieve Orgasm

Reaching orgasms is something many of us struggle with. There’s a lot of frustration that comes with never experiencing one. It just makes you wonder if there’s something wrong with you. Thankfully, we have the answer to that.

Struggling to orgasm is a perfectly normal thing. Many men and women go through the same issue. Luckily, there are ways to explore other options because there isn’t just one type of orgasm.

Masturbation should play a significant role in how you experience orgasms. It helps you get to know your body, which means you’ll know the right buttons to push every single time. Not to mention that there are health benefits to it. What could possibly go wrong with giving it a try?

Faking the Big O

Unfortunately, not all women can achieve orgasm during intercourse. That’s right. Not all of us can experience that orgasmic bliss. Therefore, many of us …