Anal Orgasms Are Real — Here’s How to Have One

Are you into anal sex? Have you ever thought about erogenous zones and whether anal orgasm is possible? Here, we will go through everything you need to know about anal stimulation, orgasms, and how to reach one with ease. Naturally, it might take you a bit of practice before you experience it, but you will undoubtedly enjoy the journey.

What an Anal Orgasm Is, Exactly

Let’s talk about facts. Many people don’t know what anal orgasm is or whether it is possible at all. Anal orgasm is an orgasm reached through anal penetration and stimulation of nerve spots around the anus. However, the reason why anal orgasm is even possible is due to the shape of the clitoris.

It’s shaped like a wishbone, and there are a lot of nerves around the anterior wall of the rectum leading to the vagina. During anal stimulation, it is still possible to provide clitoral stimulation as well. Furthermore, there is another spot located close to the cervix, commonly known as the A spot.

Stimulation the A spot provides orgasm similar to the clitoral one, and it is possible to feel wave-like contractions when reaching the climax. In essence, anal play can result in a similar type of climax since it is an indirect stimulation of the G spot.

Whenever you read something about anal sex, you’ll find that the first rule is to use tons of lubricant. As you probably know, the anus isn’t self-lubricating, and the tissue and skin around it are quite sensitive.

Different people often have different experiences when it comes to anal intercourse. For some, the sensation is incredible, and it can be more intense than other types of orgasm. Others don’t like it, but you should always be careful and take it slow to avoid damaging the skin.

How to Get Started and Experience One

If all of this sounds fun to you, you will probably want to try it yourself. It’s perfectly normal. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know if you want to experience anal orgasm. For some, reaching anal orgasm with a partner is quite possible.

Needless to say, there is no “correct” way to enjoy yourself. Every person is different, and all of us find pleasure in different things. But there are some guidelines that might help you along the way.

We have already mentioned lubricant, and it should be the number one rule of anal sex. The next thing on the list is — start slow. You need to be relaxed if you want to enjoy anal, and experiencing any amount of stress or tension may ruin your experience. For the inexperienced, the best course of action is to start slow and take your time.

You can always start experimenting with sex toys (or with a finger), and it will help you get used to a different type of sensation. Don’t forget the butt plug is the crowned king of anal sex toys, and it can help you prepare for the big night.

However, any type of stimulation will do the job. Just ask yourself what makes you feel good. It can be a variety of sex toys, such as beads, dildos, and plugs, but anilingus is also a great option if your partner is into it.

Once you get more relaxed, everything will be simpler. Keep in mind that if putting a toy or a finger up your butt is not easy (or if it’s painful), you’re not relaxed enough. Don’t force it. Enjoy the journey.

Reaching Anal O-Town

As soon as you are relaxed, you can try different types of stimulation and go to the next level. This means bigger toys. The choice of toys is completely up to you. You can pick strap-ons, dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, or anything else you desire.

If your fingers or sex toys can slide easily into the butt, this means that you’re ready for penetrative sex. As your adventure continues, you might notice contractions or pressure build-up. Even if you don’t have an orgasm, you should still feel good.

Probably the best way to reach anal orgasm is to stop thinking about it. People often feel anxious or stressed if the climax is not arriving as fast as they hoped it would. This could only lead to more stress.

Try to forget about it and enjoy the sensation. Once the orgasm is off the table, you will be able to savor the moment. Keep in mind that the goal during sex is not the endgame. Your eyes shouldn’t be focusing on the prize since you might miss all the pleasure around it.