2014 - Current: WetLand, a partially submerged house.

- photographs by JJ Tiziou

Esteban Gaspar Silva. Photo: Kimberly Paynter

In Progress. Photo: Kimberly Paynter

WetLand on NPR. Photo: Kimberly Paynter

Artist in Residence Anna Ekros. Photo: Kimberly Paynter

Artist Karla Stingerstein's tests for wetlands. Photo: Kimberly Paynter

Moving docks from Pier 9 with Estaban Gaspar Silva, Storm, Greg Lindquist, and Mary Mattingly

Greenhouse/bath house in development. Photo: Greg Lindquist

WetLand in progress. Photo: Greg Lindquist

Building out, Penn's Landing. Photo: Greg Lindquist

Karla Singerstein's wetland and garden plans. Photo: Karla Stingerstein

Flooring. Photo: Greg Lindquist

Papaya and Bandit hiding in the berth. Photo: Greg Lindquist

Roofing at Penn's Landing with Mary Mattingly and Anna Ekros. Photo: Greg Lindquist

WetLand in progress, Penn's Landing. Photo: Greg Lindquist

Aft of WetLand, Penn's Landing

Performance space, WetLand

Building out WetLand at Bob Smeizer's dock in Westville, NJ

Scott Beiben and Greg Lindquist in Westville, NJ

Week 1: Build out

Pier 9: Building docks for gardens

July 1: Rockwell Whitcraft arrives

2013 - Second iteration of WetLand - bulbous structures emerging from an island

2012 - First iteration of WetLand - scalable amphibious pods